I'm Bitesize. I'm a freelance digital artist from Slovakia. My interests are in story-telling and character design. I'm currently in university.Timezone : GMT+1Commissions are usually closed
20th Dec - 20th Jan
For business inquiries :
[email protected]

Terms of Service

G E N E R A L :• By purchasing from me, you agree to my Terms of Service.• Paypal euro only. I will always send you a Payment request first or ask you to pay via paypal.me/biitesize, unless we both agree to something different.• I take payments fully up-front.• I have the right to refuse any commission I do not feel comfortable doing. If your request is out of my comfort zone or skillset, I will let you know.• I will not draw anything against the law, or hateful towards any individual or groups. If the content is in bad taste, expect to be turned away.• I will not sell to minors. You must be 18 years or older to order a commission. I may ask for some kind of proof to verify your age, if necessary. The exception to this is work for game currency.• Clients have right to repost, print, edit, and use their commissioned material for personal use. You may post the finished work to any social networking website, including personal galleries preferably with credit is given e.g. : my signature is legible and intact, or a hyperlink to my twitter/carrd accompanies the artwork.• If you are not pleased at all with a finished commission, please contact me so we can come to a conclusion that benefits us both! I want my customers to be happy, so always voice your opinion.• I retain all intellectual rights to the work I create, you may not claim my work as your own.• Your rights will be forfeit if you cancel the commission at any point after the work has been started, or finished. I will likely re-sell the artwork.► Cancellation : Both the commissioner and the artist, have the right to cancel the commission at any time for any reason before payment is sent.• Payment refunds are not applicable.• The commissioner must have an accurate visual reference or accurate pictures of the character for the commission, unless they are commissioning a reference or character creation. For the best results on a commission, some artistic freedom is required. The more restricted the description, the more time it requires to complete.• I may charge additional fees for changes and edits on a finished artwork. If the change is drastic, results in significant lost time, effort, or reworking of the image, I might refuse the change.• I will only consider work from respectful clients.• Items that have 48 hour delivery - this works under the assumption that the client is available for communication thorough the process and no additional edits slow the process down.L I C E N S I N G :
• If a client wishes to purchase rights for commercial use of the image(s) commissioned, they must contact me to discuss licensing fees.
• If you plan on making a profit off a commissioned piece, I ask for a licensing fee of 200 € which grants you full redistribution rights. If this option isn't plausible for you, we can discuss royalties or a payment plan instead.


Commission typebustthigh upfullbody
sketch8 €15 €30 €
flatcolor20 €45 €60 €
full25 €50 €70 €
+1 character+ same price
simple background+ 30 €
reference sheet100 - 130 €
alt versions+ 10-30 €

Some prices vary by complexivity.


Finished works




2019 and earlier